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le 10 mars 2016, à 11:45

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le 19 avril 2016, à 20:06

My Redemption (Part I)

Why am I forced to jump off the boat ?
Why am I always the only stories’ goat ?
Will I end up drowning because of my aim ?
Just like Achab and his beloved white whale ?


What am I supposed to say ?
Just watching you going away
Again with another fellow
And leaving me solo

Now I’m on the edge !
You’ve made your pledge !
I’m not going to bend !
It’s time to put : The End !

I’m fed up with this petty shit !
Always fearing where I put my feet
I’m tired of being the Hound,
The Always Thrown to the Ground !

Roads everywhere ! Where to go ?
We’re in the middle of the row !
I’m going through the point
Time to break the joint !

I’ve trusted you like a fool
Like always, I ran like a bull
I’ve had enough !
I’m going rough !


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