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le 12 février 2016, à 10:04

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le 8 mars 2016, à 18:31

I'll Be Already Gone ...

Is it already the end?
Where’s the present?
These years have gone so fast
Hope you remember the past
I’m walking on these cold and grey roads
Alongside these sidewalks and wrong-way boards
Just roaming across this fuzzy city
And thinking about “who am me?”

Think and regret, think and regret …
The same old tune that makes my eyes wet
I’m wondering how I got in this situation
Was it a trap or a long-thought mission?

Alone in this hellish deep well
No one has ever rung on my bell
Nobody asked if I was fine, all right or okay
Even for a smile, I had to wait each day

I know that I’m far from being perfect
But please, don’t swear you’re the best!
Why “the best” when you joke for fun on the other?!
It’s nothing more than your own lost brother!

Pushing and rushing, pushing and rushing…
The same old thing you’ve always been doing
Does it even have a senseful meaning?
Don’t you see you’re making these people crying?

Why do you have to hurt
And drag the others in the dirt?
Does it make you feel better
To throw the others in the gutter?

If you’re sad, we could talk
If you’re mad, we could walk
But please, don’t remain silent!
Stop saying things that aren’t!

Open your eyes and rid yourself of this blinding weed!
I could be the friend, the brother or even the father you need!
Doesn’t matter if you don’t want to stay with me!
Just sit, open your ears and listen to my small story!

A sickness struck me but almost nobody knows it
Only you, my doc and the ones who know I exist!
This illness is crushing my brittle heart
And ripping my muzzy mind apart

If I hurt your feelings, I’m sorry!
Slashed, teared or even shot you, I'M SORRY!
Sorry if it’s the only word I could say
I hope you’ll forgive me one day!

If you ever get this harmless letter
This will be my greatest pleasure!
Don’t try to call me on my phone
‘Cause I will be already gone …


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