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le 15 janvier 2016, à 09:19

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le 28 février 2016, à 20:37

The Spirit Of Vengeance (Part II and Final)

(Part II)

Hope and faith made me feral
Silence my lamb! I’m Hannibal!
These people think they could stop
Me! Do they know that I’m on top?!

Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!
Don’t stop! Why did you freeze?
Can you now feel coming the creep?
I’m the Big Bad Wolf, I’ll eat you Sheep!

You’re screaming: “You’re insane!”
I’m not the Dark Knight! I’m Bane!
You pushed me into the pit of gator
But I’ll be back soon, I’m Terminator!

You better run as fast as you can!
‘Cause I’m like a kaiju monster, damn!
Not the guardian of universe, Gamera!
I’m the destroyer of worlds, Godzilla!

Now, I’m going to pull the trigger
This is the end! Say your prayer!
Last sighs! Ready? 3…2…1…0.
This is over! I’m a Maestro!


Darkness as kingdom! I’m Evil incarnate?!
I’m the worst nightmare that God did create?!
Angels and Demons, ready to dance ?
Here comes the Spirit of Vengeance!


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