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Date de création :
le 15 janvier 2016, à 08:43

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le 14 février 2016, à 06:37

The Spirit Of Vengeance (Intro)

You plunged me into the ground
And chained me like a hound
You put me into the bottom of hell
But now,I came back from this well!

I was just a simple wanderer
But you turned me into a monster
Look now through my eyes
And stare at my soul that cries

Come over and face me!
Last time for you, ready?
Don’t worry! It’s alright!
I promise I won’t bite!

I cut like a sword
Weapons are my words
I charge like a bull
I’m out of my mind, fool!

I’m going to be very quick
‘Cause my patience isn’t thick
At the end of this blazing speech
You’re going to die, B’’tch!


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