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le 6 janvier 2016, à 11:13

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le 10 février 2016, à 07:48

Set Out The Fire !

We will burn this world tonight!
Now rise up and join the fight!
Tonight, it’s time to tear their law!
Take your gun, aim and blow!

There’s enough of their greedy measures!
They are just cowards dressed with feathers!
They offer gifts and organize games
And want people to yell their names!

Tonight will be the end of their reign!
Tonight, we will play our game!
Tonight, we will take down their thrones!
Tomorrow will be the start of our dawn!

We will fight with all our strength !
No matter what the length or breadth !
No matter what the width or depth !
​We'll fight to the death till our last breath !

Now open your great gates wide!
No escape, there’s nowhere to hide!
Now prepare and arm your castle!
We’re not kids, we’re able to battle!

Look out! We’re not here to play chess!
Put away your king, it will be a mess!
Even if you have brave knights and pawns
All that will remain, it’s their bones!

We will enjoy kicking some butts!
Unlike you, we have guts!
We’re not afraid of losing some blood!
All will be wiped out with our flood!

You will weep, beg and call for mercy
You can’t fool us now, sorry!
Tonight, it won’t be worth doing prayers!
You, rats, are going to end up in the sewers!

Our battle cry is “Never surrender!”
If one of us falls, there will be another!
We will all struggle and give our better!
Now rise up, get ready and set out the fire!


Peok, le 13 février 2016, à 09:38 :

Thank you, friend.


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