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le 4 janvier 2016, à 13:48

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le 10 février 2016, à 07:47

You Will Be Loved

The first time I glanced at her
I think I had some fever
Looked like a lovely girl
Looked like a precious pearl

Didn’t know what was sizzling
Didn’t know what was roasting
Turned out to be a demon
Turned out to be a caiman

I was still her slave
She was still my fav’
She tricked my feelings
She haunted my dreams

She used herself as an aim
And used Them as her game
They knelt at her wish with ease
Without knowing who She is

Is She a child of Evil
Or has She a lack of “evoL” ?
Is she hiding something bad
Or is there something that makes her sad ?

No One takes care
Is Everybody thinking it’s fair ?
What should I do ?
Just staring at You ?

Is it too late
To change her Fate ?
Is it too late
To bring back Faith ?

I still pray and hope one day
That She will find a better way
You will always stay as my Beloved
And-which is more-You Will Be Loved !


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