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Date de création :
le 4 janvier 2016, à 13:23

Dernière validation :
le 10 février 2016, à 07:46

Little Queen

Now it’s the time
The time to answer
Why? How?
Right now!

What did I do?
I just felt for you
You hypnotized me
You confused me

I made a fool
I ran like a bull
I didn’t think
I slipped like ink

You were afraid
But I’m not dead
You were angry
But I’m still here

It was the past
It is not last
Now the present
Not the end

No more fake
There’s no escape
No more scapegoat
We’re on the same boat

Little Queen
Name for a bin
Body like a model
Mind like bad angel

Your hair, a blazing tree to the view
But a trap to the touch
Your eyes, shining well
But pupils, burning like hell

Your smile, full of brightness
But mouth, full of madness
Your lips, full of life
But holding a knife

Ruling like a wild tiger
With a ring to your finger
In addition with a crown on the top
And the final result is just a royal flop!

Boys staring
Boys barking
Boys licking
Boys fighting
And me, just wandering...


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