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le 4 janvier 2016, à 12:27

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le 3 février 2016, à 05:49

Stupid Love

The time was old
The time was cold
I was young and you were too
I was dumb and I wanted you

I stared at your azure eyes and sandy hair
But it seemed like you didn’t care
I wanted you to listen and talk
But you didn’t even give a f”ck!

I did even silly things for you
And you kept on asking “Who are you?”
It seemed like I was nothing more than a door
And everybody was teasing “What a poor!”

I carried on failing and failing
‘Cause what I had in my mind was “Success by failing”
I started to feel like an outcast doll
And I finished smashed at a wall

When I woke up and realized it was real
I thought that Love was cruel
My heart was frightened
My hope was shattered

But what was the meaning of this?
My mind is still in freeze
Was it a mistake of Fate?
This must be a fake!

Where has the “Lovely” Cupid gone?
Were You drunk? Look at what You’ve done!
Seemed like You wanted to have some fun
Instead of an arrow, You used a gun!

Now I have to get her off my mind
And clear all the things that made me blind
Now I have to Exit her!
Or she will haunt me Forever!


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