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le 30 décembre 2015, à 09:03

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le 31 janvier 2016, à 18:39

A Day Will Come ...

When you and I leave home
And begin to roam,
All the things we’ve done
Will be simply gone

I’m still waiting for that day
The day we will walk on a single way,
Hope I will meet you again
And that your smile didn’t wane

‘Cause I need you as my guide
And want you to live by my side,
Hope you will forgive who I was
And will accept who I am

‘Cause the place we are going
Is far from the life we’ve been living
It’s the place to take on another chance
And start a whole new dance

‘Cause I can’t stand living in the past
Where every moment has gone so fast
I want your head lie long under my chin
And feel your heart beat through my skin

Come over here and let us be
Open your mind and listen to me
This is the rhythm I’ve been searching for
This is the melody I’ve been waiting for

But…I have just woken up now
And I want to make it true, but how?
I’m still staying and waiting at home
And hope that a day will come …


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