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le 30 décembre 2015, à 08:49

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le 31 janvier 2016, à 18:35

Dawn Of End (Messsage From Above)

Hello my friend!
It’s the dawn of end!

As long as I’m with you
And you still remember too
I’m still holding my breathe
‘Cause I’m not dead yet!

Always be by my side
And open your mind wide
Even if I’m not there
Fight the grief you can’t bear!

Take your ache lightly
Grab your hope tightly
Set free from your pain
And break the chains that drain

Let your heart burn!
Enjoy the life you earn!
Look up in the skies
And become more wise!

One day, you will rise up
All I’m asking you is not to give up!
Believe me, you’re not alone!
Many before had followed

When your time finally comes
Follow the path of the kingdom!
Even if the way seems really long
It is the place where you belong!

I will welcome you with all my friends
Be ready, it’s the dawn of end…


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