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le 30 décembre 2015, à 08:34

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le 31 janvier 2016, à 18:30

The Shadow

Hiding behind my head
I'm looking over but too late
Fading fast as light
And vanishing quick in dark

Standing close and starring at me
But, what a shame, I can't even see
Trying to trick and catch it
But impossible, shit !

Angel or demon ?
Waiting to spit its venom
Good or bad ?
I can't even tell, it's sad !

Even in my dreams, it's the same
What is this, what's its aim ?
Every single moment is a nightmare
It's a noise I can't more bear !

Eating my soul from the inside
And turning my mind on the wrong side
I'm asking myself "Why ?"
And waiting for the word "Die"...


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