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Date de création :
le 29 décembre 2015, à 14:25

Dernière validation :
le 31 janvier 2016, à 18:25

Blame and Fame

Well, this is our world
Injustice in this goddamn world
Everybody blaming others
Everybody thinking, but not about others

Am I a monster?
Cause I’m not foster
Did I kill someone?
Cause I feel like the odd one

What the hell did I do?
I didn't even think mad about you
Why did you have to chain me?
I just wanted to live free

Don’t talk behind!
I’m not a hound!
Don’t talk in secret!
I’m not dead yet!

Tell me in front
I will not haunt
You want to blame
Is it a game?

You use the past
To break me fast
Nothing else?
Just wordless?

What’s wrong?
Just one mistake and I pong?
Pathetic, is it?
It is shit

You tell what’s wrong
Just to use your tongue
Nothing but words
Worse than birds

You’re not a star
You don’t light far
You’re not the one
You are someone

Don’t think and say that’s all!
It’s not fair at all
Just think twice
Before you slice

What’s the meaning
Of what you doing?
Help other
Or hurt another?

The person you joke on
The person you blame on
It’s nothing but your own brother
Someone that just wants to live like other

Someone who has enough problems
And don’t deserve blames
Someone just like you
Someone just like few

Are you a good buddy?
No, but you can be
Just try to go further
To understand the other
And the world will go better

But today
You blame
To get fame
Is it a game?
What’s the aim?


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