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le 27 décembre 2015, à 13:41

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le 28 janvier 2016, à 01:28

Lone Wolf

I walk along a lonely path
When I see people, I turn down fast
I walk along the day and night
And don't want to hit or fight

I just wish to see the bluish night
As well as the moon shine bright
I just want to sleep outside
And open my mind wide

I don't need a name
Because I don't seek fame
I'm just proud
When I hear birds singing loud

People don't aware of me
They are just too busy
Some are working
Others are fighting

Some are searching for a wife
Others want to put a knife
I have seen empires and kingdoms
And they are ruled by crazy dumbs

They give food and organize games
And want people to yell their names
I wonder if it will ever finish
Before this world turns into foolish

I just live and prey
And there's nothing else to say
But now I have to go farther
As the world falls down, I wander...


Douj, le 31 janvier 2016, à 08:20 :

Je ne suis pas doué pour jouer avec les mots de la langue de Shakespeare, mais j'en apprécie la compagnie.


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