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le 26 décembre 2015, à 20:49

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le 28 janvier 2016, à 01:28

You Wake Me Up

Please wake me up...

I was lirking in the shadow,
Just standing in my moe,
Looking for somewhere to hide,
And open the windows wide.

I was running fast,
In order to flee my past.
All others were teasing me,
I just wanted to be free.

It seems like there's no escape,
I just feel like a caged-ape.
I don't want to wander,
I just want to be with her.

Then suddenly you came one day,
I didn't know what you wanted to say.
But surprisely you brought me the light,
As your eyes were shining so bright.

Now i don't know what to do,
I'm just thinking about you.
I hope our love will rise up,
As one day, you woke me up.


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